October Meal Planning!


Well folks, I am failing at blogging.  Kind of silly that I am finally working from home and I find myself lacking the time and inspiration to write worthwhile blogs!

The funny thing is I will be walking with the kids, or running all alone and I will think of the best blog ideas ever, I will even write the entire thing in my head, and then I get home, the baby will need to be fed, the older kids need help with homework, dinner needs to be served.  Life just happens, and the blog is neglected.

The one thing that is constant in my life is definitely meal planning though!  And to my faithful followers of my meal planning I hate to disappoint you!  So here is my meal plan for October.  If you are looking for more ideas here is my meal plan for September as well.

What’s on your meal plan for October?  I would love to hear from you!

Oct 1–Awana night.  Usually we have leftovers, but for some reason there are no leftovers to be had so I’m going to make quesadillas or ask grandma is we can eat at her house.

Oct 2–Homemade Pizza.  I have fallen in love with this pizza dough recipe.

Oct 3–Slow cooker Enchilada Soup.  Paleo.  SO GOOD.

Oct 4–Slow cooker pulled Chicken sandwich

Oct 5–Chicken Biscuit Pie

Oct 6–Stroganoff Soup (slow cooker!)

Oct 7–Spaghetti  (nothing fancy.  Just plain old spaghetti)

Oct 8–Leftover Night!

Oct 9–Pizza Casserole

Oct 10–Breakfast for dinner!  Homemade Cinnamon Rolls, Bacon, Eggs

Oct 11–Thai Chicken Legs

Oct 12–Taco Tuesday!

Oct 13–Minestrone and homemade sourdough rolls

Oct 14–Stir Fry Chicken

Oct 15–Leftover Night!  Hallelujah.

Oct 16–Pizza Night!

oct 17–Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Oct 18–Chicken and Veggies Slow Cooker!

Oct 19–Taco Tuesday!

Oct 20–Meatball Stew

Oct 21–Denver Potato Casserole

Oct 22–Leftover Night!

Oct 23–Pizza Night!

Oct 24–Taco Hash

Oct 25–Chicken with Kielbasa (slow cooker!)

Oct 26–Taco Tuesday

Oct 27–White Chili (slow cooker!)

Oct 28–Chicken Fettucini

Oct 29–Spaghetti Casserole

Oct 30–Leftover night!

Oct 31–Harvest Party, dinner at the church!

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