Fit Friday!

If you are here and reading this.  I seriously love you so much.


I have been the ultimate lamest blogger ever lately.  I blame it on the baby and I am standing very confidant in that excuse.

So, I thought to myself, I really need to focus on my “Fit Friday” theme that I dreamt of starting.  Yah, you know, when I talked about it Here.   You know, in September!

So, today’s Fit Friday inspiration is brought to you by “Working Out At Home.”  As a mom, with babies around you, and cleaning distractions, and cookies in the cupboard, it’s all just a bunch of boo.

So here’s some tips that help me to work out at home, and to make good choices at home.

  1.  Have lots of different videos.  I cannot do the same thing over and over.  I have to mix it up.  Some of my favorites are Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30, No More Trouble Zones,  and Jackie Warner’s 30 day Fast Start
  2. Dust off the treadmill.  I feel thankful to have a treadmill, and if you don’t have one, look on craigslist, or facebook selling groups, they pop up pretty often.  The treadmill is not my favorite, but, in these dark winter months, It’s a must for me.  I do recommend walking on the treadmill to Pitch Perfect.  🙂  I run during the songs.  It helps me and I am not ashamed to announce that.
  3. Don’t make excuses.  If you can’t work out in the morning, make time during nap time, or, even at night after everyone is tucked in!  The videos I do are only 20-30 minutes!!!  You can do it!
  4. Make a vision board!  Go to the $1 store.  Get yourself a poster board.  Print off fitness inspiration, and pictures of what you would like to achieve when it comes to your workout goals.  Put that board right up where you can see it everyday!!  Look at it when you are feeling like not working out.  Think to yourself, “I am fit, strong, and making a change in my life!”
  5. Get the Oola Fitness oil, and bracelet!!  I LOVE the oola oils so much, they are all about balance in your life.  I recently ordered the bracelets so that I would have the mantras that go with the oils, and they are a GAME CHANGER.  They really help me to use the oils purposefully.  So, put the Fit oil in your diffuser, and say to yourself, “I am fit, healthy, disciplined and strong!”  Say it over and over, and you will start to believe that about yourself!!!  (If you need help getting that oil I’m your lady!

fitness oil

6.  Make yourself healthy alternatives to things you love!  I seriously, love creating healthy substitutes for pizza night.  I think that they key to getting through the weekend is to have lots of fun options available!  Make yourself what you need.  Everyone is different so I don’t necessarily want to tell you what I do, but, check pinterest out for healthy treats!  Here’s my board if you want some ideas!

7.  Find a friend to hold you accountable.  On days when I REALLY REALLY REALLY don’t want to work out I will post on facebook!  I will tell the world that I hate working out and I don’t want to do it but I need to!  So then, I feel like I have to do it!  Or I have 2 friends in my life that I can really count on to help me stay on track.  I appreciate them soo much!!! Do you have someone like that in your life?

8.  Recently I was having a hard time with afternoon munchies.  It’s been really hard for me to transition from working mom to work-at-home mom.  I was very disciplined when I went to work because I had to pack my lunch, and I could only eat what I packed.  So I had a friend advise me to make tea and have lots of veggies in the fridge, and it works!!  I LOVE having my tea in the afternoon now, I really look forward to it!

9.  Don’t make excuses.  Don’t go into the weekend and sabotage everything you’ve worked hard for.  Don’t have a big huge cheat day every single Friday or Saturday.  I just can’t support that at all.  If you do, then just pick right up, brush yourself off and keep going.  Don’t decide to start again on Monday!  🙂

10.  Give yourself a big hug and some self love!  You’re doing great!  You’re in this for the long haul!  Getting mad at yourself and being down on yourself WILL NOT help you in anyway.  I’m proud of you!!  You be proud of you, too!!! (oh my word, I am so cheesy.)

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