New Chapters, New Beginnings

It’s so funny when you look back on your life and think about different stages you went through, challenges, or changes.

mommy and kids!

I remember 10 years ago when my sweet Hayden was born; and then 18 months later her little brother Elliott joined us.

I wanted nothing more than to stay at home forever.  I LOVED being a homemaker:  canning, gardening, bargain hunting, cleaning, all of it.  I loved it.

Flash forward 5 years when the market went crazy and construction jobs were completely unstable.  Jim went back to school, and I went back to work.  The first year maybe two, were hell.  They were horrible.  I cannot say anything positive about it.  Ok, yes, the positives:

  • I learned that I am a very strong person
  • My husband earned his degree and was able to get out of construction

And while, yes, it was a very hard time, after those first two years, I actually became really good at being a “Working Mom.”  I am really the kind of person who does whatever I do to the best of my ability, so working just became something else that I became good at.

I actually, became a much more intentional mom.

  •  I became incredibly organized, and structured:  meal planning, monthly grocery shopping, chore charts, all that good stuff.
  • I FORCED myself to become a morning person, waking up almost every day at 4 am to have time alone.  
  • I learned to LOVE running so that I could have something that I did for myself since I knew I needed to exercise.  (all my favorite things I used to love like gardening and canning, well those became chores.  not fun.)
  • I read to the kids every night.  It became our quality time together and we all loved it.

And then, last year, we decided our family was missing a little member!  I always had wanted a bigger family, but financial circumstances, the inability to trust God, unfaithfulness, all of those human problems, got in the way!

So this April our little Jack came into the world, and I have the privilege and joy of working from home!  

jr nb 28.jpg

It’s really all I ever wanted, I get to help people throughout the day, nurse my baby, rock him when he cries, and of course change diapers, wipe up spit up, all of the glamour!

Transitioning from working mommy to work-at-home mommy has not been just a super easy piece of cake though!  I worked away from home for 5 years!  I was good at it!  Now I have to figure this whole new change out!

  • I have to figure out when I am supposed to have time for me.
  • I have to figure out when I am supposed to have work hours.
  • I have to  figure out a cleaning list
  • I have to remember to brush my teeth
  • I have to remember to put on a bra in case people come to the door
  • I really need to make sure I still meal plan.

How do you all do it?  What are the things you do to make working from home a little easier?  I know I’ll get this figured out, but your tips are much appreciated!


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