a little step may be the beginning of a great journey

I talk at the beginning of every month about writing goals.  I encourage my team to write them and ROCK them!!!

I always make my goals, I share them and I am excited, but lately, I have not been following through with them.  I will accomplish a couple of them, but I am not intentional.

Also, for the last 6 months, my big goal has been to revive this blog.  Yep, I write it down EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.  “blog at least once a week”  and I haven’t even done one blog post in SO LONG.  Like, over a year.

The inspiration will come, and I will think, “oooo I need to blog about that”  and life gets in the way!  I get distracted with baby jack, and 11 year old girlie emotions, and my sensitive 10 year old boy.  Seriously, who knew parenting was this hard…and it keeps getting harder, and harder…

So, as the summer is going to start I am putting it out there in the universe that my goal for the summer is to blog 3 times a week!!!!! 3 TIMES!!  AT LEAST!

Because, I am, THE IDAHO MOM!  Right?!?  And summer is WHERE IT IS AT!

OK, so talk to me, what are your goals that you keep writing down and then failing at?  Losing weight?  Working out?  Something with your business?  Something Personal?  Let’s share and keep each other accountable!!

#postaday #workathomemom #goals #beintentional





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