Friday Favorites!!

hello friday.jpg

I’m back,  and I am going to start tackling Friday Favorites!  It’s seriously my favorite thing in the world.  I love sharing awesome stuff that I love because, well, why not!!!!  I would love for you to share the stuff that you love with me too!!

Best Mascara Ever!  I know, I have talked about this before, but I just purchased my 3rd tube and besides Mary Kay, I have never purchased the same mascara twice!!!!  This stuff is the BOMB DOT COM.  (oh yes, I said it.)

Best Water Bottle Ever!  I got this tw0-pack water bottle at costco and I just LOVE IT.  I drink a ton of water everyday so the fact that it holds 40 oz.  UMMM.  YES.  PLEASE.

Best Pens Ever!  You know that super pretty hand-writing that you see people have and you’re like, “how the heck…”  It’s these pens.  They make your hand-writing AM-AZ-ING!

Best Cookbook Ever!  I love me a healthy cookbook, and “Against All Grains”  is a great one!!!  So many recipes that are super do-able and easy and yummy!

Best Energy Supplement Ever!!!  Young Living Nitro!!!!!  If you are a runner, or a walker, or you ride bikes, or you work long hours, or you need energy because you are chasing after little children all day this stuff will be your BFF!  and it’s good for you!!!  I can hook you up if you want to try it!!!


ok, that’s my list!!!  What’s your top 5 favorite things for the week?

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