i’ve got 5 minutes.

5 minutes while the baby eats and before he signs, “all done” and starts to scream at me.

5 minutes to describe how hard this season is in my life.

5 minutes to share that I am not ok. Even though I look ok.

garden love.jpg

So instead I am going to spend that 5 minutes sharing with you how much joy my garden is bringing me.

I haven’t had one in over 5 years.  And my depressing little peace of land that my husband put the cute little fence around so many years ago has just sat there and made me sad.

So this year I got to plant tomatoes, and raspberries, corn, squash, tons of sunflowers and probably more things that will be surprising me soon!

And every morning, afternoon and evening I walk out there and take deep breaths.  I forget about being sad, and wanting to be all alone, wishing I could just run far far away forever and ever.

I look for weeds that haven’t sprouted yet.

I pretend the seeds have sprouted and my garden is very very full and beautiful like in a magazine.

It brings me so. much. peace.  So. much. joy.


Job 8:16

“He thrives before the sun, And his shoots spread out over his garden.

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