Driving {with kids}

road trip family pic.jpg

Alright guys! I officially suck at blogging.

I cannot get my head wrapped around being consistent. at all.

But, I did just get home from a 6-day road trip with my kids, and, well, I have some tips for you. Yes, road trips can be fun and they can also be totally crap. I promise I am not sitting here with my perfect body, and perfect hair, and perfect kids about to tell you that I have found the magic secret to 10 hours in the car. Because, I have not.

I hope my 10 little tips will maybe…. MAYBE make your trip a little more fun and memorable. But, if you decide that you’d rather fly, I truly DO NOT BLAME YOU.

1. FOOD–yep. Pack lots of food. And dum-dums (the suckers). I wish I could tell you that I don’t have to bribe my kids with suckers to be good, but that is just not the truth.

2. AUDIBLE–I am a big fan of books on cd, but I am also a huge fan of the audible.com app!!! We don’t have TVs in the car, and I really don’t like to have the kids on the Ipads non-stop, so I downloaded a really engaging novel that the whole family really enjoyed listening to. It was a lot of fun to watch the kids getting involved in the story!

3. SPLIT UP THE KIDS–Now, I learned this the hard way…and we have just a small sedan, so no 3rd row…but the first half of the trip the baby was no the drivers side, and well, the 2nd half of the trip the baby was in the middle. You can come to your own conclusions of why that change was made.

4. POTTY BREAKS–Ok, my husband is from the mind-set of “Just get there” which is great, but when you are traveling with kids you have to stop. Get some ice cream, stretch the legs, and let them run around, you will be so glad you did. Stop and enjoy the scenery, check out cheesy touristy things. The whole point of this road trip is to allow your family to have a good time together.
5. GARBAGE CONTROL–gosh, it seems like the second you get in the car it is total tornado, right?? Garbage everywhere INSTANTLY…. oh…. that’s just me???? I would love to hear how you have taught your children to not have that reaction in the car, in the meantime, bring lots of target bags to use as garbage bags and empty out the car of junk at every gas station.

6. PLAN A HALFWAY STOP–We had a 10-hour drive, so we booked a hotel (WITH A POOL) halfway between home and our destination. I feel like this would have been better without a baby…because sleeping in hotels with babies sucks, but it was nice for the big kids to get a break and swim.

7. TAKE LOTS OF PICS–Make it fun! Don’t be afraid to be silly and look like a big dork! Stop and every state sign and take a family selfie! Document the trip; those moments are really fun for kids!

8. PRAY–I am not even kidding you, I prayed 800 times, out loud with my family the first day…every time they started fighting, we just prayed. I didn’t even care that it started feeling silly. I was not about to let this trip get ruined with dumb fights!

9. RELAX–I am really not great at relaxing and being silly with my family. Isn’t that just the way it is??? We can relax and have fun with everyone, but the expectations we put on our family is just RIDICULOUS???? RIGHT? Take deep breaths of frankincense and lavender and CHILL OUT. The boy driving you crazy with questions and bad jokes? Just smile and answer them. Then rub vetiver all over his feet.

10. ENJOY THE HUBBY–If you’re like me, you’re sitt
ing in the passenger seat while your guy takes your family on vaca. Don’t forget to reach over and squeeze his hand or his shoulder occasionally, and make him feel glad you guys are having a family road trip together!

What are your must have tips for road trips? PLEASE SHARE! ❤