Christmas Countdown

Hey guys!!!!  I’m taking some time this morning to make some advent plans for my family and I thought I would share with you all exactly what we are doing!

I have to admit, over the years I have been a little overboard on the amount of gifts I have given my kids, and I definitely regret it.  I just feel like they don’t have a true grasp of the meaning of this special holiday.

I’m slightly obsessed with advent countdown.  I love them.  I’ve done the chocolates that you open everyday, gifts that you open everyday, pretty much if it has the word advent countdown I have done it.  I do need to give myself a little credit because I have also done the devotions and candle lighting tradition every day too, and I LOVE that tradition we have established.


Here are some of my favorite advent books:

advent devotions for busy families

Advent story book

unwrapping the greatest gift

Jotham’s Journey

This year I am starting a “RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS” countdown!  The kids and I are going to make paper chains, and every chain will have something the kids and I will need to do for the day!  Something that is for someone else.  I have put together a list of fun, simple, reasonably priced tasks that work for our family and I put it altogether for you to print too!  If you don’t feel like making a chain, you can just cross them off as you do them!  You don’t even have to do them in order, do them as they work for you and your family!

I would love to hear your ideas that I may have missed, or I didn’t even think of!