90 days of games {day 1}

This morning I woke up and I told my kids the plan.  We would be playing games together everyday for 90 days.  The point?  To work on skills our family needs.  Communication, sharing, encouraging each other, laughing together, having fun together.

They were excited, I mean, who doesn’t want their mom to just play games every day with them, of COURSE they were excited.

So, school got out, I picked them up, and they started asking to play on the PS4, Ipad, etc.

“Don’t forget guys, we are starting our family experiment today!”

So, I got out Rummikub, which was one of my favorite games as a kid, made some popcorn and got ready for not a fun time.  I know, that sounds like a bad attitude, but I am not doing this challenge for nothing.  Our family does not play games well together.  Ok, I am kidding, I had a positive outlook.

The games weren’t great.  I am not gonna lie.  It totally sucked.

I can tell that it is mainly my son who needs this lesson.  He messes with the tiles, plays games with them when it isn’t his turn, has to constantly be reminded that it is his turn, and really, Really, REALLY drives me bonkers.

Is is bad that I had to THREATEN the kids that we WOULD NOT STOP PLAYING unless they stopped fighting??  Well, I did.  and we played 2 rounds. and my husband came home from work and said, “ummmm…this does not look like fun…”

Yes, I rubbed p&c all over everyone. 

But I am not giving up.  This was only day 1.

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