90 days of games {day 4}

The kids are home from school,and it seems like that would be an easy way to schedule in a game time, but, it is more challenging!!

I have so many things on my to do list!  Conference calls, live videos I am obligated to, meals to plan, a class to prepare for…all the things that I usually get done with when they are at school.

And, total mom moment here, but I was on my last NERVE.  3 day weekends are hard for me.  SO. MUCH. BICKERING.  I just can’t handle it!  I want to SCREAM.  Does anyone else feel like a broken record, “IF YOU GUYS WOULD JUST LISTEN I WOULD NOT HAVE TO SCREAM.”  oh man, pray for me please.


I am committed to this game challenge though, SO SO committed.  And it was Elliott’s turn to choose.  THANK THE LORD he chose Sorry.  It’s just fast.  I was not in the mindset for Monopoly.

It was actually really fun.  Minimal arguing.  It helps that Elliott won this round, but I am calling today a win.





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