Sometimes I fail

Well, yesterday was a big fat fail for our game day.  It just was completely impossible to fit it into the day, with basketball, worship practice, you know life.  And that is ok.

Actually, I fail at lots of things, and sometimes I feel like admitting them makes me real!!


Because the people in life that look like they have it all together; never fail, perfect hair, perfect make-up, perfect husband, perfect kids.  Well, they just don’t exist, and they are lying to the world.  If we would all take a little time to share our failures once in a while life sure would be easier for us all!

I have failed at about 500 diets


PTO president

Biology 100 (yes, I took it 3 times until I passed with a C)

Being a good wife

Being a good mom

This Blog (I mean, obviously I don’t have many followers!)

Consistency in my devotion time

Running programs

Saving Money


Being a good sister

Being a good daughter

But, admitting this failures doesn’t mean I think I am bad.  NOT AT ALL.  I actually think that I’m ok!  Sure, I don’t have it altogether, but I am definitely trying! I am definitely not ok with failing at all of these things forever!  I love that I don’t have to just settle with being a freaking failure at life.  I can improve.  ALL OF THESE THINGS are things that I can get better at.

So, my point is, let’s all be a little vulnerable.  Let’s let our failures fly, be willing to admit we need help!  We can’t do it all alone.  Because all alone, well, it really sucks.




3 thoughts on “Sometimes I fail

  1. Now for tomorrow, I want you to list the things you are successful at. Not all of these are failures either. You are a terrific daughter!! No one is perfect at everything. Perhaps you try to hard to be perfect rather than accepting that we all fail at times. I love you so much and you are a great mom!


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