90 days of games {day 5}

Qwirkle!!  have you ever played it?  It’s a great one.  Fun for the entire family because it’s just shapes and colors.

Today was a basketball practice day so the whole house was just off track, but Hayden would not let me miss her game time, which I love.

We had a blast, it’s AMAZING and crazy the differences between her and Elliott.  I am feeling like I need to do some 1:1 game time with JUST him so we can just get some basic skills under his belt as far as sportsmanship, “life isn’t always fair”, taking turns, etc.

I have DEFINITELY FAILED HIM in this area.

Side Note:  OH MY WORD.  He’s cute, right?

2 thoughts on “90 days of games {day 5}

  1. Yes, he’s cute! No, you’re not failing Elliott. Just the fact that you recognize that he needs some 1:1 time says that you aren’t. I do the same things with Ben, seeming to favor Elaine. She asks to help, and actively seeks activities and learning new things–cooking, baking, crafts, etc. I have to work harder with Ben, but he is receptive to a point. We have to find things that he enjoys doing, but I also make sure he learns to do some cooking, cleaning, baking, and standard outside chores. I’m more the teacher than the “fun” mom, and it becomes a struggle for me to “lighten up” a little. My husband is always telling me I’m too serious!


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