Guys I want to pause from my 90 days of games challenge, and talk for a minute about my #onelittleword2017.

My word for the year is Gratitude.  I chose it because on the surface, I am CRAZY grateful for so many things, but when I search my heart, deep down, the things that I REALLY need to be grateful for, I am not.

For instance, My husband.  We have been struggling so hard since Jack was born, and I mean, a 2 year rough patch really sucks.  I want to show him gratitude, and I truly feel that they more I wake up everyday and outwardly express my gratitude for him the better our marriage will get.  Today I woke up and decided that when I make the bed (which is something he really enjoys, and likes having done) I will start to pray for him, and me, and our marriage.  “Lord, thank you for my husband.  Thank you that he goes to work everyday, always makes sure the fire is going, always makes sure there is wood for me to put in the fire, always makes sure my car is uncovered from snow, goes to church with me, and is incredibly loyal.  Thank you.”

Then there is my house.  UGH.  we have lived here almost 10 years, and I have mumbled and grumbled about it since the minute we even looked at it.  THIS IS NOT MY DREAM HOUSE, this is not even a house I would ever ever want for myself.  But, it is my home.  It’s the only home we could afford that wasn’t 800 sq/ft and it is ours.  So I am going to practice being grateful, because I don’t think until I am truly thankful for this house that I will ever have a new house.  So, “Lord, I am so thankful that for 10 years we have had a home that is affordable and the right size for our family. I am thankful we have a nice sized yard for the kids to play in and I love the new porch that Jim built me.  I am thankful for the wood stove, and that we are close to the school.  Lord, help me to have the right attitude about this house.”


So those are my big prayers this year.  To be grateful, and everyday wake up with gratitude on my lips.  Did you choose a word this year?  Are you still focusing on it everyday?


(image courtesy of LTM)

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