Speaking Their Love Language

I’m a big fan of the book The Five Love Languages.  I try so hard to apply what I have learned from that book to my marriage, but did you know there is a book dedicated to your children?  And the workplace?

I first read the book for my children when I started working outside of the home.  I could just see my kids falling apart, they were both acting out in ways I hadn’t ever seen!  Once I read the book I realized that they were suffering because their primary love language was Quality Time!  Once I went back to work the amount of time we spent together was cut drastically.

I’m constantly looking for quick and easy ways the kids and I can spend quality time together without spending a ton of money.

A few things we do:

  1. Play a quick game
  2. Cook dinner together
  3. Make cookies together
  4. Make sugar scrubs, lip balms, or other oily creations together
  5. run/walk (it’s REALLY fun to do the C25k trainer app together)

What are some things you do to fit quality time into your day with your kids?



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