Being OK

You know what I struggle with?   Being ok with who I am,  and who God made me.   I am loud, obnoxious, I get super excited and interrupt way to much,  sometimes bossy,  way too silly,  constantly losing the same 10 (fine, 20) lbs over and over, SUPER DEFENSIVE,  stubborn, control freak, I hold grudges, and I have a hard time forgiving.   I’m sure there’s more,  but the point of this is not about putting myself down.

Last summer, at Gold Retreat I had a night of insecurities.  I actually sat in my room and cried because I just feel so inadequate so many times.  I share this with you so that if you ever have the same feelings you can know you are NOT ALONE.  I personally believe it is a spiritual battle.  Does satan want me thriving in my business? NO.  Does he want me feeling confident and excited and happy?  NO.  He is MY ENEMY and will do anything to make sure I feel lost and alone.  

What I have to remind myself is this:  I will absolutely never ever be able to please everyone.   There will be people that come into my life,  especially in this business,  who are annoyed by me,  or actually,  just hate me,  and I cannot let that knowledge control my behavior.   I absolutely have to be ok with being me,  and being the best me.

Now,  don’t get me wrong,  I ABSOLUTELY 100% believe in growing,  and changing and personal development.   If I was the same today at 36 that I was at 26….well,  just shoot me now.  But I’m not,  I can look back and see so much growth,  and when I’m 46 I’ll do the same again!   


The point I’m trying to make is that I have to be ok with who I am.   Of course I am going to work on the forgiveness thing,  and the holding grudges thing. …but my positive attitude?   That’s staying!   My perkiness, sassiness, cheerful outlook.  Not going anywhere.   The ability to see the good in people and give them the benefit of the doubt. …big fan of that!   All these things make me who I am,  and even if they bother some people I DON’T CARE.


I had a teacher in college who would go around the room and give us a compliment at the beginning of every class and we had to say “thank you”  then we had to say something we liked about ourselves.


Her lesson was that it’s rude to make excuses when people pay you a compliment and basically you are calling them a liar! We have to be ok with saying the things we like about ourselves, and hearing the things that others see!


I’d LOVE for you all to list 3 things you love about yourself and comment below!  Then, respond to each other and encourage each other!  Tell someone else the character trait in her that stand out to you!  


One thought on “Being OK

  1. My husband and I just had a couple days of this, so it’s fresh in the memory bank. I have had to really struggle to accept compliments and learn to love who I am, in the way He made me. I can love myself as God’s creation, but when I look in the mirror, instead of seeing His perfection in me, all I see are the faults, the insecurities, the lies of the world, and they just seem to jump out at me. I have truly been blessed with a man who helps me see that I am beautiful, I am worthy, I am special, and it’s not okay to discount compliments or feeling good about me. I love that I can love me, with all the scars, heartaches, life struggles and trials I’ve experienced. They make me, well, me! I like my hair, I like my curves, I like my personality (quirks and all), I love being genuine, and I love the God that brought me to today alive!

    It’s okay to struggle with our imperfections. Reality is, let’s face it, reality. Life is real. When I don’t accept the good (compliments, happiness, joy in being me) in life, I am denying Him the opportunity to bless me! How dare I! I think it’s good to recognize that I have weight to lose, a house that’s perpetually messy, relationships that need work, kids that aren’t perfect, and a propensity for picking the wrong battles, but I also recognize that I have come a long way. I have lost weight, I’m getting better at keeping house, I’m communicating better, and my kids are growing up way too fast! As for picking the wrong battles, well, those are a work in progress! My trials have made me the strong woman I am today, and I wouldn’t change my past because to do so would change me for today.

    My two cents, my thoughts, and my perspective!


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