2017 goal board

I know I’m late posting this!  It’s already the middle of February for goodness sake, but, I wanted to share anyway because I am all about accountability!  I don’t believe in setting goals and then just keeping them to yourself!  I want to have my goals out there so that next year, February 2018, I can come back here and say, “Ok, Ann, how did you do?”  What do you need to keep working on, and what did you accomplish!


So, I am all about vision boards.  I first started by just making one on Pinterest, then I decided that wasn’t enough.  I printed off some of my favorite quotes and made a board that I could put right in front of my desk to look at every day.

The point of actually having a board is to see your goals ALL THE TIME.  If they are right in front of you, and you are focusing on them daily you are much more likely to actually achieve them!

My main goals for the year:

Background with multicolored watercolor line for your design

What are your goals?  Do you have a dream/vision board?


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