Friday Favorites

If you are a #momboss trying to develop a business online, this book is a must!  It has nothing to do with young living, and oils, and everything to do with building your personal brand on social media.   You have to get it!

when Keurig started popping up everywhere I thought, “oh that’s not for me, we drink way too much coffee.”  But, I finally caved Mainly because of this color at Target.  And I’m in love.   I actually drink less coffee, I love that I can get on demand hot water for tea and cocoa, and it’s so nice to just brew one fresh cup in the afternoon!

I mean, these pens are just everything.   I love them.   I can never have enough of them.

This is a THM good girl moonshine that I blended up with frozen berries and lemons and it’s the best ever!!  If you’re getting in shape or skipping sugar, it will totally satisfy your cravings!

That’s it!  Those are my Friday Favorites for this month!  What are you loving right now?


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