A Valentine Display

I saw this super cute idea on FB recently, and I’m so sorry I didn’t write down where the idea came from, but I just love it!

The idea was to cut out hearts and every night write out something you love about each of your kids and tape it to his/her door.  Well, I saw the idea and thought, “Oh, that is just too cute.”  Then I thought, “Oh man, I really don’t want to cut out a bunch of hearts.”  I know, big time mom fail, but I am realistic with the things I want to do and the things I will actually do.

So, I set the idea aside until I was in Target yesterday!  Totally found these adorable pre-cut shapes and thought, “Oh yes.  Now that I can do.”  So, starting tonight I am going to start taping them to the door.  I was thinking I would do myself a favor and just fill out the hearts tonight, all 14 of them so that I am not rushing to do it in the morning because I forgot.  Also, I thought since I am deep in the middle of reading “Love & Respect”  That I would also write down reasons that I respect my husband and put them somewhere he would see them everyday too.

❤ ❤