I made a dream board yesterday!  It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years, but never got around to actually doing it!

For years we were so poor, and stressed financially the thought of dreaming was really foreign, and something I just couldn’t do!  I’m trying hard to get past that now, and I think this was a good first step!

So my board goes like this:

1.  To be generous and give even more
2.  To reach my goal weight and maintain it!
3.  To be debt free!
4.  To have a home on the water
5.  To travel and take vacations

Anybody else make dream boards?

I had so much fun with this I’m going to make it an annual family project!


The thief


Sitting on the beach at the most beautiful lake imaginable here in Idaho, you would think I would be filled with joy, relaxing with my husband, gazing at my three beautiful children.

Instead behind my gigantic sunglasses there are tears streaming, and I am having a visit with a terrible thief who likes to compare my life with others, and he is stealing my joy.

It happens every holiday.  Every birthday I can ever imagine I am curled up on my bed eyes puffy and red with tears.  Christmas, the holiday I absolutely love is almost impossible to enjoy.  I never really had this happen on the 4th of July though.

And it hit me.  I am incredibly lonely.

Instead of just being thankful I have a sweet family to spend the day with I am sad that we aren’t spending the day with lots of other people.  It’s a problem that has intensified since baby #3 came into our world.  Oh those post-partum blues.

The main problem with these feelings of loneliness is that I start to get angry at my awesome husband, and best friend.  The one person who is always there with me on those lonely sad days.  I blame him that we have no friends, or I say that he isn’t fun.  It’s so wrong, and I’m so thankful that he is able to balance me and help me see what I am doing.

I’m so not the girl who goes on facebook and gets all sad that I am not invited.

I am not the girl who sees everyone on their boats and years to be with them.

I am not that girl.

Dear Jesus, I need your help during these months when I am feeling sad and lonely.  I need to embrace this time of quiet.  Please help me be the kind of wife that encourages and lifts up my family.  Help me to enjoy the holidays and not be overwhelmed with sadness.

Starting the day off right

Seriously, it’s ridiculous how fast the day can get away from a person! 

I wake up in the morning, get some coffee, check my fb (ugh, so embarrassing that that’s my first thing) answer questions from my team, get a workout in (if I’m lucky)  and before I know it the kids are up, food needs to be made, chores need to start, and I’ve completely lost the chance to have my morning quiet time with the Lord!

Well, I’m done.  I’m super motivated, and I love making good habits, so starting tomorrow morning I will be spending the first 30 minutes of my day COMPLETELY unplugged.

I will read my bible, pray, and journal.  But I will do this without having the tv on or my phone by my side.


Who wants to join me?

A fresh start

Hi Guys!

Well, here I am starting a new blog!

(again, I know!)  

I wanted to start fresh, with a totally new blog, but my intention remains the same.

I hope to help moms plan meals, make schedules, stay motivated, and be encouraged!

I’m just a simple gal who loves to take care of her family, workout, and loves the Lord!